What's New at Bikini Riot
Randy Moore "Turquoise Water and Thong" photoset
16 Apr 11
This photoset of the lovely Randy Moore is destined to be one of our favorites and definitely one of yours. Nothing better on a hot and sunny day than to spend it with a sexy blonde in a skimpy thong bikini getting all wet in the pool and eventually working on an all over tan on an inflatable raft. You'll envy every little water droplet as they bead down her long legs, incredible ass and her big beautiful pussy lips.
Jayden Cole "Purple Metallic Scrunch Butt" HD strip video
13 Apr 11
You put Jayden Cole in a sexy scrunch butt bikini all alone by the pool and it's not hard to guess what she's going to do next. Getting naked and masturbating will be first on her to do list every single time. In this HD video Jayden starts off rubbing oil all over her long legs and natural breasts then directs her attention to her pussy. She uses only fingers at first and then a glass toy is exactly what she needs to make her cum.
Shyla Jennings "Blue Pink & Neon G-string" HD video
10 Apr 11
Shyla Jennings doesn't even consider getting wet and naked work but rather another normal day in her life. She is so pretty in her little g-string bikini that it's easy to imagine she's one of those love at first sight girls to every man and woman she meets. We finished this video off with some enlightening interview questions where Shyla tells us about her oral sex training and all the threesomes she's had.
Jayden Cole "Purple Metallic Scrunch Butt" photoset
07 Apr 11
Jayden Cole has got it all going on. If we started to name off all of her great features the list would be endless. So for now we'll stick to just her awesome natural breasts and those long legs you'll wish were wrapped around you right now. Okay, we'll also throw in her beautiful smile. We knew she'd look incredible in purple so had her wear a sexy metallic scrunch butt bikini that fit her tight little butt perfectly.
Capri Anderson "Sheer Polka-dot G-string" HD strip video
04 Apr 11
Capri Anderson is the type of girl that has fun anywhere doing anything. She definitely was having fun getting all wet in the pool in her sheer polka-dot g-string bikini. This HD video has an interesting start with a bothersome trash truck beeping but nothing will stop Capri from getting naked. She brought along her favorite and very expensive sex toy worth every penny. She's obviously had enough practice and never leaves home without it.
Sunny Leone "Sheer Gold & Red in the Pool" HD video
31 Mar 11
Life couldn't get much better than spending a hot afternoon in the pool with the gorgeous Sunny Leone. That's even without mentioning her bikini is completely sheer or that she gets completely naked and wet from head to toe? Seems nobody heats their pools in LA but Sunny took to the cold water and looks exceptionally sexy in her mirrored aviator sunglasses. Don't worry, she takes them off also so we can see her beautiful eyes.
Capri Anderson "Sheer Polka-dot G-string" photoset
28 Mar 11
Capri Anderson has never looked more cute than in these photos posing and playing in the shallow end of a nice tropical pool. Okay, she's still smoking hot but with that always innocent look of hers it's safe to call her a cutie.  Capri's tight little butt is what they had in mind when inventing the g-string and she looks phenomenal in her skimpy sheer blue and white polka-dot bikini with watering beading down every curve.
Devi Emmerson "Purple Crotchless Bikini" HD strip video
25 Mar 11
Devi Emmerson has some lip smacking breasts in this HD video not to mention her pretty shaved pussy. You'll get a close up view of how tight she is when masturbating with her fingers. Devi switches over to a very big pink vibrator and stuffs it as deep as she can until she has a nice orgasm. She loved the double wide lounge and vibrator so much we let her take them home so she could masturbate while floating in her own pool.
Clara G "Sexy Purple G-string Bikini" HD video
22 Mar 11
Sultry beauty Clara G was born to be a model not only because of her incredible body but she is so good at posing that you barely need to give her directions. Clara's super talent aside her insatiable sex drive is steering the ship and we're all the lucky beneficiaries. Our favorite part of this video is when Clara is sucking on her dildo hands free while it's flopping around in her mouth. It seems to be such a natural thing she does every day.
Devi Emmerson "Purple Crotchless Bikini" photoset
18 Mar 11
Looks like someone forgot to sew panels into Devi Emmerson's bikini leaving only the purple binding and we're all the luckier for it. Devi has the perfect body for one of these daring bikinis. Just look at that curvy ass and those juicy natural tits sticking out. Especially those mouthwatering tits. We thought our first two photosets of Devi were awesome but this one may be even better. Oh, and did we mention she also plays with a big pink dildo?
Jana Jordan "Orange Peekaboo Bikini" HD strip video
15 Mar 11
Okay, technically Jana Jordan doesn't strip off her sexy orange peekaboo bikini in this HD video because there really is no need to. Plus it's kind of hot that she keeps it on with her perky tits and juicy pussy popping out. Jana has it a little rough while performing on a big boulder but she's a pro and knows how to show off her delicious body in almost every angle imaginable.
Randy Moore "Flames Bikini Ass Worship" HD video
12 Mar 11
You're going to want to sit back and drink in Randy Moore's long tanned legs, tight stomach and let's not forget that absolutely incredible ass. We make sure to get plenty of butt coverage in our photos and videos but we paid special attention to Randy's backside both in and out of her hot flames bikini. That's not her only unique feature. Wait until she spreads her legs wide and you'll know what we mean.
Jana Jordan "Orange Peekaboo Bikini" photoset
09 Mar 11
Jana Jordan looked so damn good in her blue peekaboo bikini that we decided to have her wear another one only this time orange. Jana has the perfect fat pussy and blonde fur patch for her crotchless bottoms and her perky natural tits aren't too bad either. There's no need to take this bikini off but Jana takes it off and gets down on all fours showing off her equally impressive and cute little ass.
Laura Lee "Floating in the Pool" HD strip video
06 Mar 11
This video of the luscious Laura Lee may be her best so far. Laura looks as phenomenal as ever but in this video she can't help from playing with a vibrating dildo while floating in the pool. She doesn't even wait to take off her sexy blue mesh bikini but pulls them aside revealing those incredible dripping wet breasts and beautiful pussy. Laura has one orgasm before she loses the bikini for good and goes for number two. Very hot!
Brooke Belle "Sheer Black Spider Web" HD video
03 Mar 11
Wow does Brooke Belle exude pure sexuality. Her hot body featuring those long tanned legs and tight little ass aside, it must be because she's thinking of having sex all the time and that definitely translates to the camera. She loves getting naked and she especially loves touching herself every chance she gets. In this video Brooke is wearing a nice black sheer spider web thong bikini and settles for her second choice of a big rubber dong.
Laura Lee "Floating in the Pool" photoset
28 Feb 11
You wouldn't know it from our preview pics but the incredible Laura Lee is actually wearing a bikini in this photoset. It's a tiny blue fishnet thong that barely covers her naughty parts but she looks too damn delicious naked and wet that we almost forgot she ever had it on. This is our second time working with Laura and we fell in love with her all over again. Wow, seeing her naked is almost indescribable but you'll find that out for yourself.
Briana Blair "Sheer Yellow Thong" HD strip video
24 Feb 11
Each time we look at Briana Blair it's hard to believe that this beautiful blonde is an actual porn star. But once you get her in a sexy sheer bikini and she starts talking dirty to the camera you quickly realize that Briana has an insatiable sex drive and she has to satisfy that urge any way she can. In this HD video Briana strips her tiny thong bikini and shakes her juicy ass for us before concentrating on having another orgasm.
Heather Carolin "Leopard Thong Bikini" HD video
20 Feb 11
There is something about Heather Carolin. Could be her long flaming red hair or maybe those perky tits with puffy pink nipples pointing towards the sky but more likely it's her incredible sex appeal. Looking at a simple vidcap is enough to make us horny but fortunately we have the whole HD video for you as she strips off a tiny leopard thong bikini and works her special magic for the camera.
Briana Blair "Sheer Yellow Thong" photoset
17 Feb 11
Now this is a hot photoset! Blonde beauty Briana Blair is looking cool in her aviator sunglasses hanging out on a bright orange inflatable chair and wearing a skimpy sheer yellow and black thong bikini we had especially made for Bikini Riot. Her long sexy tanned legs, luscious tits and juicy little ass sprayed down with water in the warm sun look unbelievably mouth watering.
Ash Hollywood "Turquoise Metallic G-string" HD strip video
14 Feb 11
We had a few comical starts and stops with this hot video of horny blonde Ash Hollywood masturbating by the pool in her tiny turquoise metallic g-string bikini. First Ash has trouble getting the lube cap off and then since her hands are so slippery she can't get the vibrator to turn on. Not to worry cause she figures it out so she can get that extra sensation on her swollen pierced clit.
Sunny Leone "Pink Polka-dots Scrunch Bikini" HD video
11 Feb 11
It's too bad Sunny Leone normally tries to avoid getting a suntan in order to limit tan lines because she should be wearing our sexy bikinis like this polka-dots scrunch bottom as much as possible. Her luscious boobs and ass look phenomenal strapped up in a tight-fitting bikini. At some point that bikini has to come off and Sunny is more than happy to get naked and show us her glass toy and how super tight her pussy is.
Ash Hollywood "Turquoise Metallic G-string" Photoset
08 Feb 11
With so many models going brunette it is refreshing to find that rare platinum blonde like the smoking hot Ash Hollywood. With a last name like Hollywood you know this girl is all about having fun which mostly means getting naked and showing off her perky tits and incredible bubble butt. Ash looks incredible in a turquoise metallic g-string and even better when she fills her amazing pussy with a big purple vibrator by the pool.
Capri Anderson "Natural Beauty in Waterfall" HD video
05 Feb 11
You can tell from this video of infamous cutie Capri Anderson that hanging out with her in the pool is a whole lot of fun. She loves getting naked and wet and shaking her tight little ass for all to enjoy. Capri even braved standing under the freezing cold waterfall and couldn't stop laughing.  All the fun in the sun aside Capri looks very hot and very horny and you'll want to lick every drop of water off her sweet perky tits.
Erika Jordan "Orange G-string in the Surf" HD video
02 Feb 11
If you're not already in love with Erika Jordan then this video will seal the deal. She was a blast to work with and made a literal day at the beach a day at the beach. This video has everything from great interview answers, Erika stripping her sheer orange bikini, rolling around naked in the surf and sand and the incredible part where she sits on a bee and gets stung. She iced it down and went right back to work. The perfect woman.
Heather Vandeven "Leopard G-string Bikini" HD video
29 Jan 11
You can see the sultry Heather Vandeven almost every night  starring in a T&A movie on premium cable but in our hot videos you get to see every inch of her up close and absolutely uncensored. Her skimpy leopard g-string bikini was the perfect choice for her amazing oil drenched body but pales in comparison to her stark naked body lying on a beach towel.
Erika Jordan "Orange G-string in the Surf" Photoset
26 Jan 11
This is a great photoset of Erika Jordan and it was a lot of fun just watching her amazing naked body rolling, running and even jumping around in the surf.  This girl's vertical leap is amazing but no wonder with those awesome thighs and glutes. Erika starts out wearing a sheer orange g-string bikini but couldn't wait to take it all off. She works hard on her hot hard body and definitely likes it when others notice.
Shyla Jennings "Blue Pink & Neon G-string" HD strip video
23 Jan 11
Getting in a hot tub with a video camera and the breathtaking Shyla Jennings can be dangerous if you don't want to fall head over heels in lust with her. She is just too damn cute, completely uninhibited and knows how to wield her special powers over men. This hot HD video has it all with Shyla performing a sexy striptease in her neon g-string bikini followed by a quivering orgasm and a little fun cooling off in the water.
Dylan Ryder "Shiny Black Thong Bikini" HD video
20 Jan 11
We'll get to Dylan Ryder's smoking hot body but first you'll really get a taste of her awesome personality in this HD video as she models for us in a shiny black thong bikini. Dylan was sometimes distracted from Jenna Presley getting her makeup done in the background to the happy construction workers up the hill. Now back to that body - who doesn't want to grab those luscious tits and do her standing up just the way she loves it?
Shyla Jennings "Blue, Pink & Neon G-string" photoset
17 Jan 11
There aren't many models out there as stunning as Shyla Jennings and fortunately Shyla loves to get naked and show off that tight little package to anyone who wants to watch. In fact it's hard to keep clothes on her. Even our skimpy bikinis like this blue, pink and neon yellow g-string just gets in the way and she can't wait to release her firm breasts and tight pussy for us all to enjoy.
Carli Banks "Tie-Dye Thong in the Pool" HD strip video
14 Jan 11
Combine a cool sparkling blue pool, skimpy tie-dye thong bikini and a hot and horny blonde and we've got another incredible Carli Banks strip video. Carli loves getting all wet in the pool and shakes her luscious ass before slowly pulling down her thong. Once she gets naked and touches her sensitive clit a dip in the pool will have to wait cause Carli has a one track mind and isn't satisfied until she has another quivering orgasm.
Briana Blair "Sheer Pink Scrunch Butt" HD video
11 Jan 11
Who wouldn't love to rub tanning lotion all over Briana's long golden legs and especially her butt while she poses on a lounge chair by the pool. All the curves of her tight dancer's body are accentuated perfectly by the skimpy sheer pink scrunch bikini she's wearing. Once she's had enough time to get naked and work on her all over tan she's more than ready to head back inside and let you inspect her for tan lines.
Carli Banks "Tie-Dye Thong in the Pool" photoset
08 Jan 11
In this photoset Carli Banks plays the role of a cute blonde California hippie chick wearing a sexy tie-dye thong bikini and soaking up the sun. Her firm natural breasts and juicy ass have never looked better than when she pulls down her thong and gets nice and wet splashing in the pool. Just looking at that tight butt pointing up in the air has got to make your mouth water.
Clara G "Sexy Purple G-string Bikini" HD strip video
05 Jan 11
This high definition video of Clara G will leave no doubt that this woman has skills. The way she voraciously handles that big purple dildo with her mouth and throat is proof of that. There are lots of beautiful women in the world but the rare ones have that extra sex appeal and Clara definitely has it. In this strip video her hot body will mesmerize you in her purple g-string bikini before she screws herself silly with that purple dildo.
Shyla Jennings "Yellow Polka-dot Bikini" HD video
02 Jan 11
Shyla Jennings loves her little yellow polka-dot g-string bikini as much as we do. We especially like how her natural firm breasts would have a tendency to peek out of her tiny bikini top. It's probably corny to say but Shyla is so pretty we could watch her just smiling and posing and not even getting naked. Fortunately she does strip and her hot body rivals her smile.
Clara G "Sexy Purple G-string Bikini" photoset
30 Dec 10
Purple might just be Clara G's color because she looks fantastic in this sexy purple g-string bikini. Granted Clara would still be a knockout in any bikini but this one goes perfectly with her golden skin in the warm setting sun. If you prefer Clara not wearing anything at all you're in luck when she unleashes those phenomenal natural breasts and finds a matching purple dildo that fits nicely in her pink pussy with the kung fu grip.
Randy Moore "Flames Bikini Ass Worship" HD strip video
27 Dec 10
Randy Moore doesn't have a stage in this video but she puts on a sexy show in her hot flames thong bikini and high heels knowing she has an even bigger audience appreciating her million dollar ass. Randy strips and lies back on her orange float and makes sure we appreciate her big wet pussy lips as much as her butt. Our favorite part is watching her butt sway after she cools down with a little pool water and walks back into the house.
Kagney Linn Karter "Leopard String Bikini" HD video
24 Dec 10
When you fantasize about a bubbly blonde with all the right curves and a personality that's about having lots of fun and even more sex then you were fantasizing about Kagney Linn Karter. In this HD video Kagney strips off her leopard print string bikini by the pool as she proudly displays her firm breasts and everything else as she rubs oil all over her creamy skin.
Randy Moore "Flames Bikini Ass Worship" photoset
21 Dec 10
Say hello to our blonde California girl Randy Moore wearing a hot flames thong bikini that perfectly shows off her incredible ass. We haven't seen many behinds better than hers so we made sure to pay a little extra attention to it. Randy looks amazing getting naked by the pool and if you thought her ass was special wait 'til she pulls down her bikini bottoms.
Sunny Leone "Sheer Gold & Red in the Pool" HD strip video
18 Dec 10
Sit back, press play and enjoy the wonderful sight of Sunny Leone splashing around playfully in the pool getting all wet in a sheer gold and red bikini. That's not all she does because the show gets even better once she pops out her big brown nipples and pulls her bottoms to the side revealing her already swollen pink clit. Sunny has a one track mind which is to get naked and make sure she has an orgasm right along with her fans.
Lela Star "Sexy Yellow Thong Bikini" HD video
15 Dec 10
Lela might appear quiet in this video but we all know there's a volcano inside ready to explode the instant you touch her. Lela looks perfect in her tiny yellow thong bikini lying on her beach towel by the pool getting a little sun. When she sits on the ledge spreading her lovely legs in the water or when she turns around and pops up her tight ass those images will be burned in your memory forever.
Sunny Leone "Sheer Gold & Red in the Pool" photoset
12 Dec 10
We're jumping ahead to our second day with the striking Sunny Leone where she's rocking some aviator sunglasses and a sexy sheer gold snakeskin bikini that looks even better when Sunny gets it nice and wet in the pool. If you already love Sunny's big breasts and shaved pussy like we do then you'll love them even more in these photos as the water beads up all over her succulent oiled skin.
Brea Lynn "Leopard Thong Bikini" HD strip video
09 Dec 10
Busty Brea Lynn is shaking her sexy ass in a leopard print thong bikini as she strips nice and slow. This HD video closes the case on how hot Brea is from her luscious booty to her huge breasts and finally to her perfect pussy lips that fold out like a butterfly. Okay that's a little corny but the truth. Two things we're certain of is Brea loves sucking on her big brown nipples and anything long and hard will get her extremely wet.
Brea Lynn "Leopard Thong Bikini" photoset
03 Dec 10
Beautiful blonde Brea Lynn was working hard for her fans in this day's photosets. She was under attack by every bug imaginable out by the pool so we decided to give her a break and move inside. Well sort of inside as we placed her in the doorway in a sexy leopard print thong bikini. Brea loves to show off her pretty shaved pussy but loves it even more when she gets to play with a big pink vibrator.
Jana Jordan "Zebra Thong Bikini Tease" HD video
30 Nov 10
Jana Jordan looks absolutely perfect lying on her beach towel with her fresh and juicy ass sticking up in the air. It was a beautiful day to lounge by the pool and work on Jana's all over tan. She looks fantastic in her zebra print thong bikini but maybe even better as she strips it off and teases us with her deceptively innocent smile. Jana has a one of a kind pussy and in this video we spend a lot of time filming it.
Brooke Belle "Sheer Black Spider Web" HD strip video
24 Nov 10
Hot weather makes Brooke Belle horny and with no one around she knows exactly what to do about it. Brooke is out by the pool in a sexy sheer black spider web bikini and her pussy is getting wetter by the second. She knows how to tease us until she can't take it anymore and longs for her big red dildo. The way Brooke slaps around her breasts and pussy with her dildo you can tell she likes it a little rough in the sack.
Jenna Presley "Green Bikini, Oil & Dildo" HD video
21 Nov 10
Guess what weights 3.5 lbs? Each one of Jenna Presley's extremely large breasts. She loves and enjoys them big and so does everyone else. Jenna covers her hot body from head to toe with plenty of oil while wearing a sexy green scrunch butt bikini and wastes little time popping out her massive tits. You don't want to miss how happy she becomes when we offer her a dildo.
Brooke Belle "Sheer Black Spider Web" photoset
18 Nov 10
Remember the good 'ol days when women didn't have butt implants but had natural perfectly round and tight behinds? In this day and age you might have to call the insatiable Brooke Belle old school because she has the cutest and roundest natural little ass that literally made our mouths water. Brooke is just plain damn sexy especially in our exclusive photos wearing a daring sheer black spider web thong bikini.
Heather Vandeven "Leopard G-string Bikini" HD strip video
15 Nov 10
Heather Vandeven looks incredible stripping her skimpy leopard g-string bikini. She loved the exotic look and how it cupped her firm boobs so we gave it to her as a gift. With a body like Heather's no wonder she is so popular. You've got to love her long skinny waist and flat stomach and when she lies down by the pool you'll have a tough time deciding whether you prefer admiring her firm ass or her tight pussy.
Carli Banks "Pink Zebra Thong Bikini" HD video
12 Nov 10
You can tell from this HD video that Carli has to be a moaner in bed because even while posing by the pool she moans each times she touches herself. This is the first time we had Carli wear high heels and she had a hard time balancing herself. Honestly, she'd rather be barefoot and having sex or masturbating. She doesn't take off her sexy shoes but she does get to lie back on an air mattress and show off her nice tits and pretty pussy.
Heather Vandeven "Exotic Leopard G-string Bikini" photoset
09 Nov 10
It's not just our imagination but Heather Vandeven gets more sexy in every new photoset. In these photos she is wearing a skimpy leopard print g-string bikini with the perfect exotic look for her auburn hair and smoldering eyes. The best word to describe Heather's bikini body would probably be "phenomenal". She's got it all and she loves to flaunt it.
Capri Anderson "Too Much Fun in the Pool" HD strip video
06 Nov 10
All our models have fun but in this video Capri Anderson may have had more fun than all of them. Capri is in the waterfall jacuzzi and conveniently forgets to wear her bikini bottom. She plays with her pink pussy for a bit but really wants to jump in the pool. She tries to swim underwater the length of the pool but only makes it half way before needing some air. She makes a couple more attempts and settles for a running cannonball.
Capri Anderson "Natural Beauty in Waterfall" photoset
03 Nov 10
You've probably seen Capri Anderson on all the entertainment shows and in all the tabloids and Bikini Riot was probably the last to photograph her at an awesome LA pool with waterfalls. The next morning she moved to NYC to take a break from modeling. We're sure she'll be back but in the meantime you don't want to miss our exclusive phtotos and HD videos of Capri having way too much fun in the sun.
Brooke Belle "Sheer G-string & Huge Dildo" HD video
31 Oct 10
Who wouldn't want the lusty Brooke Belle to ring their doorbell today and yell out "Trick or Treat!" Do you make her perform a trick or would you rather give her a big gooey treat? She's the first to admit she really wants your treat. But since she won't be knocking at least we can enjoy her all wet in the pool wearing a sexy sheer pink g-string bikini and riding a huge purple dildo.
Laura Lee "Green Fishnet and Red Raft" HD strip video
28 Oct 10
Okay, if you're not in love with Laura Lee yet you might fall head over heels watching her playing in the pool in this hot high definition video. Laura goes for a swim in her skimpy green fishnet bikini but she's more interested in going au natural. Although her huge breasts might qualify as flotation devices she opts for her red raft. She has a hard time keeping it under control but eventually gets the hang of how to masturbate in the water.
Laura Lee "Green Fishnet and Red Raft" photoset
25 Oct 10
As usual Laura Lee looks gorgeous all wet from head to toe in the pool. This photoset is destined to be a member favorite as Laura starts off wearing a tiny green fishnet bikini barely able to contain her huge breasts but trades it for a bright red raft and some fun in the cool pool water. Of course all our models are hot but some models take it up a notch and just ooze sex appeal and Laura has it in spades.
Devi Emmerson "Orange Thong in the Pool" HD strip video
22 Oct 10
Devi Emmerson is wearing a sexy orange and yellow thong bikini and wants to go skinny dipping and wishes you were there to join her. She cools down in the blue water splashing it all over her juicy ass and those natural breasts just begging to be squeezed. She really wants to have an orgasm so hops out of the pool on her beach towel and plays with her pretty bald pussy for a bit before she uses a dildo to finish the job right.
Erika Jordan "Butt Naked on the Beach" HD video
19 Oct 10
Who said work can't also be fun. Erika Jordan was having a blast flaunting her hot body at the beach. She's definitely an exhibitionist and loves getting naked as much as possible. In this high def video Erika is wearing a little green thong bikini, for a while, and gets down and dirty in the sand and surf and even maneuvers on the slightly uncomfortable rocks.
Devi Emmerson "Orange Thong in the Pool" photoset
16 Oct 10
If the opportunity to spend some time in a pool with a naked Devi Emmerson ever comes up we highly suggest you take it. In the meantime you'll love these photos of her having fun in the sun in a sexy orange and yellow thong bikini. Devi's all natural body looks even hotter as the cool water beads down her skin and especially down her succulent ass as she floats in the pool on a neon intertube.
Madison Ivy "Floating on Inflatable Turtle" HD video
14 Oct 10
With her legs pulled back behind her ears is a natural pose we're sure Madison Ivy is in once or twice every day. In this high def video Madison starts our wearing a sexy orange g-string bikini and hops onto a big inflatable sea turtle for some fun in the pool. Madison was worried her pussy lips might look too swollen from all the rough attention she was giving them throughout the day but we assured her they looked great.
Erika Jordan "Butt Naked on the Beach" Photoset
11 Oct 10
It was the perfect day when we photographed the gorgeous Erika Jordan at the beach. Sun was shining and more importantly Erika was naked most of the time. We love her in this green thong bikini but prefer it when she got naked and rolled around on the sand and surf and so did she. Erika loved it so much that even when a bee stung her incredible butt on our last setup she iced it down for a few minutes and went right back to posing.
Briana Blair "Sheer Pink Scrunch Butt" HD strip video
08 Oct 10
Scrunch butt bikinis are made with asses like Briana Blair's in mind. She looks amazing in this sexy pink one and it doesn't hurt it's sheer showing off her big brown nipples and mouth watering camel toe. Briana talks dirty to the camera knowing you're watching as she slowly strips and lies back on a lounge chair to pleasure herself. Unfortunately she has to settle for a very large silver vibrator instead of what she really wants.
Brea Lynn "Green Thong in Pool" HD video
05 Oct 10
Ready to jump in the pool with busty hottie Brea Lynn? Water might be cool but Brea will heat things up floating around on her raft with her big juicy butt sticking up in the air. Brea is wearing a sexy green and pink thong bikini barely big enough to contain her huge breasts. She gets naked for some fun in the pool and hops back on to the ledge for the more serious business which involves a huge purple dildo.
Briana Blair "Sheer Pink Scrunch Butt" photoset
02 Oct 10
It seems a lot of models are going with darker hair colors these days but thankfully the lovely Briana Blair remains a rare platinum blonde bombshell. Briana is also a professional dancer and it shows in her flat stomach and tight juicy butt. When we first saw Briana's succulent ass we had the perfect bikini and put her in a sexy sheer pink scrunch butt. As sexy as it was you'll agree she looks even better completely naked by the pool.
Heather Carolin "Leopard Thong Bikini" HD strip video
29 Sep 10
If you've got a dirty mind and all you can think about is playing with Heather Carolin's big pink pussy lips and her puffy pointed pink nipples then you're exactly the type of guy she's looking for. In this HD video Heather strips off her tiny leopard thong bikini and immediately pulls out her matching leopard vibrator. That's because Heather has even dirtier thoughts running through her mind and first on the list is having another wet orgasm.
Jana Cova "Red Floral String Bikini" HD video
26 Sep 10
If we were going to have a best body contest on Riot then Jana Cova would definitely be in the finals. No surgery required on this tight and natural blonde hottie's body. She's sporting a six pack and at the same time an incredibe juicy round ass. In this HD video Jana strips her red bikini and gets wet all over in the pool and proudly shows off that great ass and her pretty darn close to perfection pussy.
Heather Carolin "Leopard Thong Bikini" photoset
22 Sep 10
Heather Carolin is rocking some aviator sunglasses and a tiny leopard print thong bikini but not for very long. She quickly drops her bottoms and pops out those perky tits because being nude is this girl's natural state. That and pleasuring her fans and of course herself with a matching leopard print vibrator. Heather is the type of girl you want to get a suite with at the Hard Rock Vegas and put a do not disturb sign up for 48 hours.
Jenaveve Jolie "Orange G-string by Pool" HD video
19 Sep 10
We love everything about Jenaveve Jolie's hot body but when she teases us with that sweet tanned ass it has a hypnotizing effect and we can't get enough. In this HD video Jenaveve strips her orange g-string by the pool and plays with her vibrator. She loved that vibrator so much she turns it on while posing and never wants to remove it from her pussy. In between photo setups she literally kept it in her bottoms stimulating her sensitive clit.
Sunny Leone "Pink Polka-dots Bikini" HD strip video
16 Sep 10
Sunny came close to melting the camera lens with how hot and sexy she is in this HD video as she strips off her pink polka-dots scrunch bikini. Fortunately she had the pool water to cool off as it runs down her ample breasts to her already soaked bottoms. Not to worry, she quickly heats up again playing with her favorite glass toy until she has a nice orgasm. This video will become one of your favorites.
Clara G "Riding Dildo by the Pool" HD video
13 Sep 10
If you're a breast man a butt man or leg man then Clara G fits whatever category you choose. We're partial to nice juicy butts on Bikini Riot with a tight thong or g-string running through but in this video we're going with Clara's breasts. They are close to perfection as we've seen and her big brown nipples always at attention will make your mouth water especially when they're poking through the sheer and soaking wet pink bikini top.
Sunny Leone "Pink Polka-dots Scrunch Bikini" photoset
10 Sep 10
If you didn't know by now Sunny Leone is one of the most beautiful models in the world and in our exclusive photos she looks amazingly beautiful in a pink polka-dots scrunch bottom bikini that fits her curves like a glove. But don't let her good looks fool you. She has a bit of a wild, or should we say horny, streak in her and she's not shy about showing it. This photoset is a must see and the first of many photosets and HD videos.
Kagney Linn Karter "Leopard String Bikini" HD strip video
07 Sep 10
Keep your hand on the volume control because if you didn't know by now Kagney Linn is quite the screamer. She acts the shy and innocent part well until she strips off her sexy leopard print bikini and first touches her overly sensitive clit. Kagney lays back on her purple lounger, spreads her legs wide and knows exactly how to push her buttons with both her fingers and a vibrator. You know she's had lots and lots of practice.
Heather Vandeven "Sheer Blue Micro Bikini" HD video
04 Sep 10
You can never get enough of Heather Vandeven's tight body so luckily we have another high definition video that is sure to please. Heather looks awesome in the warm afternoon sun wearing a micro blue bikini that barely covers her pussy and hard nipples. It's a tough choice deciding if you want to play with those perfectly round breasts or her super moist pussy but we're sure Heather wouldn't mind if you choose both.
Kagney Linn Karter "Leopard String Bikini" photoset
01 Sep 10
Did someone ask for some amazing big round boobs that taste like cherry vanilla ice cream? That's exactly what you get when busty blonde hottie Kagney Linn Karter takes off her leopard string bikini top. Kagney is hanging by the pool on a purple inflatable lounger and doesn't stop with just the top but peels off the bottom displaying her equally incredible ass and shaved pussy.
Shyla Jennings "Yellow Polka-dot Bikini" HD strip video
29 Aug 10
It's a sight to behold when someone as pretty as Shyla Jennings is also super horny and loaded with sex appeal. Shyla possesses a smoking hot body, especially those firm breasts, and she loves showing it off every chance she can get. In this HD video Shyla strips off her yellow polka-dot bikini in literally a jungle pool setting and lies back on the deck to masturbate with both fingers and a nice big vibrator until she reaches an orgasm.
Devi Emmerson "Blue Thong Bikini & Toy" HD video
26 Aug 10
It's a toss up which is hotter, the temperature outside or Devi Emmerson's smoking body. Devi is basking in the hot sun and sheds her blue thong bikini to eliminate any tan lines. The best word to describe Devi's body is juicy. Our mouths water when she unleashes those natural tits and it's easy to imagine how they bounce up and down as she straddles you.
Shyla Jennings "Yellow Polka-dot Bikini" photoset
23 Aug 10
Say hello to the stunning Shyla Jennings who is a welcome new addition to Bikini Riot. We had a blast photographing Shyla especially when she put on this skimpy yellow polka-dot bikini. Well maybe the real fun started when she took off her bikini. We could have photographed her gorgeous body all day but she had other plans in mind and decided to play with a vibrator by the side of the pool.
Jana Jordan "Zebra Thong Bikini" HD strip video
20 Aug 10
Join Jana Jordan as she gets wet between her legs teasing us in her zebra print thong bikini. Jana plays in the pool for a bit and hops out on her beach towel to peel off her top and bottoms making sure she shows off her bubbly butt. Not done yet she slides her fingers deep in her lovely pussy and decides on another dip in the pool. She's just getting started so hops back up on the ledge and continues to play with herself.
Brea Lynn "Yellow Micro Thong Bikini" HD strip video
17 Aug 10
Brea Lynn is a knockout as usual in her sexy yellow micro but we were lucky to get this strip and masturbation video in the can. It was a crazy situation where bugs honed in on Brea like she was their queen and would not leave her alone. Wherever she went they followed. Brea found the situation funny and swats at them with her vibrator. She promised to make it up to us in her next video which she does.
Jana Jordan "Zebra Thong Bikini Tease" photoset
14 Aug 10
Jana Jordan is officially a wet dream come to life. She looks phenomenal basking in the sun by the pool in a Beverly Hills mansion wearing a sexy zebra print thong bikini. In these hot photos Jana gives us everything we could ask for showing off her juicy ass, perky tits, tight snatch and don't forget her adorable smile.
Rita G "Coral String Bikini" strip video
11 Aug 10
We have some great news and some bad news. First the great news - You're going to love this Rita G video as she strips her coral string bikini in the pool spa. Just sit back and relax and enjoy Rita's phenomenal body as she plays in the water and shows of those perfect breasts and tight shaved pussy. Now the bad news - we are sad to say this might be the last video update we have of the lovely Rita G but you never know.
Dylan Ryder "Toy Masturbating by the Pool" HD video
08 Aug 10
Busty babe Dylan Ryder had just finished her photoset in a black thong bikini and wanted to waste no time getting hold of that vibrator and having another orgasm. She's butt naked on the pool deck letting her huge rack and shaved pussy soak up the sun. Dylan spreads her legs wide and plays with her vibrator giving us and the construction workers watching up the hill one heck of a show.
Heather Carolin "Pink Micro & Purple Dildo" HD video
05 Aug 10
Heather Carolin is definitely one of a kind from her thick fiery red hair, perky tits and insatiable sexual appetite. This naughty Playboy model might also be the best at posing we've ever worked with making our job easy. In this HD video Heather is getting nice and wet in the pool spa and riding a big purple dildo on the ledge.
Dylan Ryder "Shiny Black Thong Bikini" photoset
02 Aug 10
Dylan Ryder loves wearing black and this shiny black bikini brought a big smile to her face. Getting wet and naked by the pool probably helped. In these hot photos Dylan is lying on the pool deck on a bright orange raft enjoying the warmth on her huge breasts and shaved pussy. As luck would have it Dylan brought along a color coordinated vibrator to give her a helping hand.
Carli Banks "Pink Zebra Thong Bikini" HD strip video
30 Jul 10
Carli Banks is such a flirt and gets hornier by the second knowing her fans will be watching her get off and enjoying every last drop. She wants to tease you as she strips out of her sexy pink zebra print bikini and does one helluva job talking dirty to the camera. She gets naked in the warm sun and rolls around on her beach towel sinking two fingers deep in her soaking wet snatch.
Karlie Montana "Pink G-string in Pool" video
27 Jul 10
You won't see too many butts better than Karlie Montana's curvy rear end so we made sure it got the coverage it deserved. Throw in a tiny pink g-string running up the crack, plenty of sunshine and a whole lot of pool water to cool it down and this ass goes all the way to 11. It goes without saying but we didn't even mention how hot she is with her wet auburn hair, firm natural breasts and a sweet pink pussy.
Carli Banks "Pink Zebra Thong Bikini" photoset
24 Jul 10
The stunning Carli Banks is back at Bikini Riot for more sizzling photos and high definition videos. We realized out of all the photos we've taken of Carli she has never worn high heels so we made up for it in this photoset pairing some sexy black strappy 4 " heels with a hot pink zebra print thong bikini. Carli gets nice and wet by the pool and even finds time to spread wide her oil slicked legs and play with a glass toy.
Lela Star "Sexy Yellow Thong Bikini" HD strip video
21 Jul 10
Spend some one on one time with the lovely Lela Star as she relaxes on a beach towel by the pool getting hornier every second she knows you're watching. Lela starts to strip her sexy yellow thong bikini and pops out her expensive boobs dripping water all over her hard brown nipples. Her soaking wet pussy is constantly begging for attention and she's more than happy to oblige.
Kagney Linn Karter "Scrunch Butt Bikini in Pool" HD video
18 Jul 10
Curvaceous Kagney Linn Karter looks incredible strapped in a tight fitting blue and green scrunch bottom bikini. She starts out standing on the pool steps getting nice and wet but the real fun begins when she gets naked and floats around the pool on two different inflatable toys showing off her big pussy lips and juicy ass. Kagney loved floating and relaxing in the warm sun so much she didn't want to get out of the pool.
Lela Star "Sexy Yellow Thong Bikini" photoset
15 Jul 10
Latina knockout Lela Star sizzles by the pool catching some rays in a sexy yellow thong bikini waiting for you to join her. She wants you to take a dip and watch as she teases you by first popping out her beautiful breasts and then peeling off her bottoms and showing off her pretty pussy. Now that she's soaking wet she slips in the water to join you for some real action.
Clara G "Riding Dildo by the Pool" HD strip video
12 Jul 10
You're in for a special treat when you watch Clara G strip and masturbate by the pool in this hot HD video. Clara looks dangerously sexy in a sheer pink g-string bikini as her big brown nipples push through the fabric and beg to be set free. She had a hard time keeping her balance on the oil soaked lounge chair but don't feel too badly for her because she relishes a challenge whenever it involves riding a huge dildo and turning her fans on.
Jana Jordan "Green G-string in Pool" HD video
09 Jul 10
Imagine walking out your backdoor and Jana Jordan is floating naked in the pool dripping wet and ready for some action. Jana's body is phenomenal in a tiny green g-string bikini that won't stop riding up her infamous pussy. In this high definition video she has a great time playing in the pool and showing off her juicy curves before opting for a beach towel on the deck and stuffing a big dildo in her creamy and super tight snatch.
Clara G "Riding Dildo by the Pool" photoset
06 Jul 10
There isn't a hint of tan lines on the golden skin of Clara G. It's probably rare she ever wears clothing when lounging in the sun but we were fortunate to have her wear some of our hot bikinis especially this sheer baby pink g-string bikini. It's hard to choose whether Clara's best feature is her thick shiny hair, natural breasts, big brown nipples or always wet pussy but right now we're going with her round juicy ass begging to be spanked.
Brooke Belle "Sheer G-string & Huge Dildo" HD strip video
03 Jul 10
We would have filmed Brooke Belle all day long if we could have because you never know what she is going to do or say next. Press record and Brooke knows exactly what buttons to push to always ensure a dripping wet orgasm. She's had enough practice to make it perfect. Brooke looks gorgeous all wet in her sheer g-string bikini and even more so when she plays with a huge purple dildo.
Lela Star "Pretty in Pink G-string" HD video
30 Jun 10
Big things come in small packages especially when we're referring to the sinful Lela Star. In this high definition video Lela is relaxing and flirting with us on a warm and windy afternoon while working on her bronze tan wearing a pretty pink g-string bikini. Watch for the very funny part where Lela is switching up poses on the lounge chair when she falls off and flips the chair and still looks sexy doing it.
Brooke Belle "Sheer G-string & Huge Dildo" photoset
27 Jun 10
Brooke Belle looks stunning in her sheer pink g-string bikini and even more so when she plays with her huge purple dildo. Brooke is an insatiable adult star and on the set her sex appeal flows out of her every pore. She looks smoking hot in pink and her blonde hair, blue eyes and pouty lips alone will give you wood but you've seen nothing yet until she gets wet all over and rides her dildo on the pool ledge.
Heather Vandeven "Sheer Blue Micro Bikini" HD strip video
24 Jun 10
Maybe the best word to describe Heather Vandeven's body is "luscious." If you needed a mold to create the perfect bikini mannequin then she would be the model with her juicy round ass and perfect firm breasts. In this hot HD video Heather strips off her tiny blue sheer bikini, lies back on a lounge chair and immediately goes to work on her moist pink pussy. Check out the grip her tight pussy puts on a big vibrator.
Jenaveve Jolie "Neon Yellow Thong & Raft" HD video
20 Jun 10
Jenaveve Jolie has one of the juiciest asses on the planet and it looks even better with a neon yellow thong bikini bottom running up her tanned crack. Jenaveve isn't a fan of water, especially cold water, but she's a trooper who needed to cool off from the heat anyway. Jenaveve is so smokin' hot in this HD video that one of our lights literally caught on fire and never worked again.
Heather Vandeven "Sheer Blue Micro Bikini" photoset
17 Jun 10
Heather Vandeven literally glows in the warm afternoon sunshine as she relaxes on a cool and very colorful inflatable lounge chair and is starting to get a bit of a sunburn on her shoulders and tender breasts. She's wearing a sexy blue sheer micro bikini which does little to hide her erect nipples and swollen clit and pussy lips.
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