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Laura Lee "Blue Latex Thong Bikini" HD video
14 Jun 10
Laura Lee is the perfect model for our one-of-kind blue transparent latex bikini. The rubber top stretches and cups her huge juicy breasts like a glove. Laura felt pretty kinky and had a lot of fun posing by the pool in this high definition video. Of course the bikini has got to come off sometime and Laura's oil and water drenched body looks amazing as she splashes around in the pool.
Madison Ivy "Pink Peekaboo String Bikini" HD video
11 Jun 10
This is a must see high definition video of the insatiable Madison Ivy in her daring pink peekaboo string bikini floating in the pool. We added some very revealing interview questions as Madison relaxes by the side of the pool. Her answers will blow your mind as she rates her blowjob skills, explains what nasty acts she thinks are hot and describes in detail how many times she's engaged in group sex in her personal life. Very HOT!
Laura Lee "Blue Latex Thong Bikini" photoset
08 Jun 10
This is one hot bikini and an even hotter photoset. Laura Lee is strapped up tight in a one-of-kind custom made blue transparent latex bikini. This is the ultimate turn on for both skimpy bikini lovers and those who might have a little latex fetish. Laura is covered in oil and the water beads off her tanned skin and the shiny rubber. It's amazing how the bikini top stretched around Laura's big juicy tits as she cools down in the blue pool water.
Brea Lynn "Green & Pink Thong" HD strip video
05 Jun 10
Brea Lynn is wearing a hot green and pink thong bikini and is swaying her juicy ass by the pool. She slowly unties the strings on her top and bottom and hops down on her air mat to play with her shaved pussy for a bit. A big dildo is better than only fingers and Brea brought along a big purple one. To say Brea's pussy gets wet is an understatement. She could end a drought with all that moisture.
Jana Cova "Mesh Wicked Weasel" HD video
02 Jun 10
It's almost a shame Jana gets naked in this video since her multi-colored mesh wicked weasel bikini looks incredible. We'll all have to suffer together and watch Jana bare her perky breasts and slide a big blue dildo in her pretty pussy. Jana is posing in front of a waterfall but don't worry about the soothing sound of running water cause her hot body will keep anyone alert.
Brea Lynn "Green Thong in the Pool" photoset
30 May 10
Let's all get wet with the busty blonde vixen Brea Lynn. In these hot photos Brea is wearing a sexy green and pink thong bikini and floating in the pool on a cool air mat.  She first pops out those big squeezable tits and then unties her bikini bottom revealing her soaking shaved pussy. Doesn't every nude sunbather bring along a huge purple vibrator when taking a dip in the pool? Brea never forgets to bring hers.
Devi Emmerson "Blue Thong Bikini & Toy" HD strip video
27 May 10
When you watch Devi Emmerson get in the pool and strip off her bikini you are going to want to jump in with her and tease those big brown nipples as she unleashes them from her blue thong bikini top. She loves it when you pinch and pull her nipples as it makes her super moist. Just check out how wet and glistening her fingers are as she plunges them and her big toy deep in her pretty shaved pussy.
Heather Vandeven "Pink Polka-dot Thong" HD video
24 May 10
Heather Vandeven has a rockin' body and we cover every curve in this high def video. She's wearing a very skimpy pink polka-dot thong bikini and stays nice and wet the entire time. Heather is one of those exceptional models that is naturally erotic in every move and pose she makes so you let the camera roll and she does all the work.
Devi Emmerson "Blue Thong Bikini & Toy" photoset
18 May 10
Devi Emmerson is a real cutie. She's the epitome of the sexy girl next door who wears short skirts and tight shirts knowing her smoking hot body is turning everyone's head. Devi has a great set of natural tits that look even better popping out of her blue bikini top and her pretty shaved pussy is as close to perfection as we've seen. In these hot photos she's getting some sun by the pool and takes time out to masturbate with a toy.
Dylan Ryder "Polka-dot Bikini & Double D's" HD video
15 May 10
Dylan Ryder isn't used to wearing bright colors but thinks her polka-dot bikini is cute. Cute is an understatement. She looks extremely hot with her huge 34Ds wanting to pop out of her top. Dylan gets naked by the pool and even ventures down the pool ladder only to discover that even on a 90 degree day the water is cold on her completely shaved pussy.
Jana Cova hits her g-spot with big pink toy BTS Photos
14 May 10
Jana Cova is has a gorgeous body that she wants to share with the world and who are we to complain. In these behind the scenes photos of her white mesh bikini strip video Jana knows exactly how to find her g-spot and works it with a big pink dildo until she has two orgasms. She would have gone all day if we didn't say cut.
Heather Carolin "Pink Micro & Purple Dildo" HD strip video
09 May 10
If there are two things we can learn about Heather Carolin by watching this high def video is that she loves to have her perky pink nipples tugged, twisted and pinched and maybe more importantly she's really good at giving oral whether it's a big rubber dildo or the real thing. Imagine grabbing hold of all that red hair as she goes down on you or enjoying the view as her bright red bush rides you up and down.
Clara G "Golden Goddess with Toy" HD video
05 May 10
It's hard to decide whether Clara G looks better on her back, on all fours or straddling the pink inflatable lounge. Instead of making you choose we made sure she posed in every position. Clara looks smoking hot in her camouflage with pink trim thong bikini and looks even better taking it off and stuffing a huge yellow dildo in her tight pink pussy.
Heather Carolin "Pink Micro & Purple Dildo" photoset
02 May 10
Heather Carolin's stunning red hair goes with any color bikini and picking a skimpy pink micro g-string bikini was an easy choice. In these hot photos we had her get naked on the edge of the pool's spa and show off her tasty pink nipples and sweet pussy. Heather brought her favorite thick purple dildo with her and asked if she could use it in these photos and video and of course we said yes. She definitely loves that purple dildo.
Jenna Presley "Green Bikini, Oil & Dildo" HD strip video
29 Apr 10
We have all the ingredients necessary for a super hot video starring the boobilicious Jenna Presley - horny pornstar, big tits, tight pussy, plenty of tanning oil and a vibrating dildo. If you love it when a girl talks dirty then you'll love this video. Jenna should literally teach the class Dirty Talking 101. A couple of our favorite quotes are "You like my big slutty tits?" and "I'm such a fucking cocksucking whore."
Laura Lee "Pink Scrunch Bottom Bikini" HD video
26 Apr 10
Laura Lee's sweet butt is perfect for the skimpy hot pink scrunch bottom bikini we had her strap on. It's nice and tight leaving almost nothing to the imagination the way we and our members like it. Laura's 34D rack is nothing to sneeze at either as she rubs them down with oil and gets naked for some one on one time with a big blue vibrator. You'll appreciate her skillful tongue as she playfully licks the tip between her cleavage.
Jenna Presley "Green Bikini, Oil & Dildo" photoset
22 Apr 10
Who wants to go for a ride on Jenna Presley's slippery mounds? Jenna covered her huge pleasure pillows with tanning oil and is just begging for a big throbbing something to slide around and part her cleavage. She looks smoking hot in a neon green bikini showing off her luscious curves by the pool and decides to slide a purple dildo all the way up her super tight and super wet pussy.
Kagney Linn Karter "Skinny Dipping & Orgasm" HD video
19 Apr 10
Kagney was floating in the pool and soaking in the sun on a big purple lounge when it was time to start filming. She eagerly jumps into the water and swims over because it's time to have another orgasm. Wow does Kagney have an awesome ass. You'll want to lick every inch as she shakes it for us. Keep one hand on the volume and one hand on your rod cause Kagney is a screamer and rubs her wet pussy to near exhaustion.
Nevaeh "Sheer Gold Micro Bikini" strip video
16 Apr 10
Sit back and enjoy the lovely Nevaeh rolling around in the sun wearing a sheer micro bikini and try to imagine if her pretty shaved pussy tastes as good as it looks. We're pretty sure it does. When Nevaeh comes to LA she only has partying and getting laid on her mind and that's what she was going to do right after we finished filming this video strip.
Kagney Linn Karter "Scrunch Butt Bikini in Pool" photoset
13 Apr 10
Sexy scrunch bottom bikinis were made for perfect apple bottom asses like Kagney Linn Karter possesses.  As sexy as it may be Kagney doesn't like to be confined in any type of clothing and unleashes that juicy ass and incredible tits so she can float around in the pool and cool off her soaking wet pussy.
Jenaveve Jolie "Orange G-string by Pool" HD strip video
10 Apr 10
Now this is a steamy video. Starring none other than the luscious Jenaveve Jolie getting naked by the pool in her sexy orange g-string bikini. She couldn't wait to get started and was trying to have an orgasm with her vibrator before we started filming. Jenaveve is completely consumed with having multiple orgasms and almost forgets that we're even filming her.
Akira Lane "Blue Lightning Thong Bikini" video
07 Apr 10
If you think beautiful Japanese women are usually reserved then you don't know Akira Lane like Bikini Riot does. Akira loves to get naked showing off her voluptuous curves and if there's a camera around she couldn't be more excited. In this sexy video Akira is posing in a blue and yellow thong bikini as we chase the very last bit of sun before it sets. Akira is very talkative in this video and let's us know her nipples have gotten sunburned.
Jenaveve Jolie "Orange G-string by Pool" photoset
04 Apr 10
Spending the afternoon catching some rays by the pool with the vivacious and uninhibited Jenaveve Jolie is definintely a fantasy come true. If you're a fan of big round and tight asses then Jenaveve is perfection. In these hot photos she gets naked in an orange g-string bikini and can't help but play with a yellow vibrator cause having an orgasm is the only thing on this Latina hottie's mind.
Heather Carolin "Yellow Thong & Dildo" HD video
01 Apr 10
Heather Carolin knows how to work her hot tight body for the camera. She bounces from pose to pose and you literally don't have to give her any direction. In this high definition video Heather strips her yellow thong bikini on a couch by the pool and shows off her puffy nipples and pink pussy which we can easily imagine tastes like cherry vanilla ice cream.
Nevaeh "Sheer Gold Micro Bikini" photoset
28 Mar 10
The sultry blonde nympho Nevaeh is an exhibitionist at heart and showing off her tight body in this very skimpy micro bikini really turns her on. Nevaeh has the perfect round little ass, tight pussy and perky pink nipples for our tiniest bikinis but she didn't keep it on long as this girl prefers to get naked. We shot this photoset in the front yard where the neighbors could get an eyeful and Nevaeh was only happy to put on a show.
Jana Cova "Red Floral String Bikini" HD strip video
24 Mar 10
This awesome high definition video leaves no doubt that Jana obviously masturbates a lot and she's pretty damn good at it. Jana opts for only a couple fingers rather than a toy in this video and we have to say it just might be more erotic without a toy since Jana knows all the right buttons to push to make sure she cums for you.
Kagney Linn Karter "Tiny Green Teardrop Bikini" HD video
21 Mar 10
Now that's a nice ass! You'll be repeating this over and over in your head as you watch Kagney Linn Karter strut around the pool in her tiny green teardrop bikini. Her juicy 34DDs and pierced pink pussy are also unforgettable. Kagney is just fucking hot and the only thing better than her in a skimpy bikini by the pool is her completely naked and covered with oil by the pool.
Jana Cova "Red Floral String Bikini" photoset
18 Mar 10
The stunning Czech supermodel Jana Cova is back in another hot photoset this time wearing a bright red floral print string bikini. She gets nice and wet and strips her bikini on the edge of the pool showing off her great ass and spreading her legs wide. Jana totally enjoys showing off her pretty pink pussy and we all love her for it.
Jana Jordan "Green G-string in Pool" HD strip video
15 Mar 10
Jana Jordan's juicy wet ass glistens in the sunshine as she teases us in preparation for the sexy strip and masturbation yet to come. You got to love Jana's perfect ripe body in this skimpy g-string bikini. When you get naked and play with a dildo by a pool in the Hollywood Hills you will definitely attract attention from the spying helicopters above. You'll hear as one pilot decides to hover above for a free show. Only in LA.
Michelle Maylene "Hot Flames G-string" strip video
12 Mar 10
Michelle Maylene looks incredible in this strip video by the pool. She's wearing her very tiny flames micro g-string bikini and some hot matching red pumps. The camera follows her as she seductively walks around the edge of the pool showing off those long legs and perfect tight ass. This girl knows exactly how to turn you on as she slowly strips off her bikini and rolls around on the ledge with her red pumps high in the air.
Jana Jordan "Green G-string in Pool" photoset
09 Mar 10
Jana Jordan is dripping wet and ready for action in these awesome photos. Jana is wearing a tiny green g-string bikini barely big enough to cover her perky nipples and her one of a kind pussy. Her bottoms constantly ride up her pussy for some incredible camel toe shots. Jana loved floating around in the pool showing off her hot body and when she fingers her creamy tight pussy you'll know exactly how horny she was.
Jayden James "Sheer Turquoise Thong" HD video
06 Mar 10
The voluptuous Jayden James is baring it all once again in this high def video. Jayden is dripping wet in the pool wearing a super sexy sheer turquoise thong bikini barely big enough to hide her pierced pussy lips and huge tits. She spends plenty of time showing off that big juicy ass and winds up playing with her vibrator at the end.
Erin Avery "Wet White Bikini & Toy" photoset
03 Mar 10
Erin Avery has never looked better as she enjoys a transparent dildo by the pool. Erin's smooth white skin is starting to turn a bit pink from the sun as she pops out her nice round breasts and pulls down her bottoms revealing a perfectly shaved triangle patch.
Sammie Rhodes "Blonde Hottie Pool Fun" photoset
03 Mar 10
Blonde hottie Sammie Rhodes pulls out all the stops in these photos. She starts out in her sexy bikini floating in the pool on an inflatable lounge and takes a dip as she strips out of her sexy bikini. She hops back on the lounge once naked and then moves to a beach towel on the deck where she pleasures herself with a ribbed toy.
Clara G "Golden Goddess with Toy" HD strip video
28 Feb 10
Clara G looks incredible as her golden skin glistens with oil in the late afternoon sun by the pool in her sexy pink and camo thong bikini. Clara is working the whole pink theme including some super sexy pink pumps but breaks the pattern when riding a big yellow dildo and stuffing it deep in her wet pussy. Watch this video and imagine you and Clara locked in a hotel suite for 48 hours doing anything and everything that comes to her dirty mind.
Karlie Montana "Red Couch by Pool" strip video
25 Feb 10
Karlie Montana's wet pink pussy and hard pink nipples perfectly complement the bright red couch she's lounging on by the pool. Doesn't everyone have a couch by their pool? Karlie looks exceptionally hot stripping her tiny leopard print bikini and pleasuring herself. As always we love that ass of hers and you'll appreciate the footage of her swaying apple bottom as she walks away along the pool edge.
Clara G "Golden Goddess with Toy" photoset
22 Feb 10
Say hello to the insatiable Clara G but we're sure you're already a fan. Clara looks stunning with her golden hair, golden skin and sexy pink and camo thong bikini especially when she is sprawled out on her back with her heels in the air and her pretty pink pussy spread wide. When Clara gets naked she doesn't mess around and when it was time to choose a toy Clara always picks the biggest one.
Dylan Ryder "Polka-dots & Double D's" HD strip video
19 Feb 10
Dylan Ryder loves to get down and dirty especially when her fans do the same while watching her in high definition. Dylan is a pro at teasing and takes her sweet time stripping her sexy polka-dot bikini revealing her shaved pussy and delicious Double Ds. She decides to cool down by taking a dip in the pool and then lays back on the ledge and pleasures her sticky little pussy.
Jenaveve Jolie "Camo G-string & Pink Toy" HD video
16 Feb 10
Even though the spicy Jenaveve Jolie is wearing a camouflage g-string bikini she definitely doesn't blend into the background. You can't miss that body of hers which is without a doubt strictly built for pleasure. Jenaveve works her juicy ass off in this high definition video as she drips in a sweet combination of baby oil and perspiration as if she just had sixty minutes of hot and hard sex.
Dylan Ryder "Polka-dot Bikini & Double Ds" photoset
13 Feb 10
This sexy and colorful polka-dot bikini is having a hard time holding in Dylan Ryder's fantastic Double Ds. You'll especially love the photos where she pulls her bottoms down first revealing her delicious bald pussy. Dylan looks mouth-watering as she gets naked on the side of the pool but decides to take a little dip on the pool ladder. Not all models take to cold water on their pussies but we tell them they'll get used to it.
Lela Star "Pretty in Pink G-string" HD strip video
10 Feb 10
Lela Star is too hot to handle in her pretty pink g-string bikini. It's a prerequisite that Lela's smokin' hot body must be viewed and enjoyed in high definition. Lela is teasing us in her skimpy bikini by the pool and sensually unties the top and slides the bottoms down to her ankles. She's thoroughly enjoying the warm sun on her golden skin and can't stop herself from constantly rubbing her swollen clit.
Jana Jordan "Blue Peekaboo Bikini" HD video
07 Feb 10
Jana Jordan might as well be naked in this wild blue peekaboo bikini which leaves little to the imagination. In this high definition video Jana is posing poolside and squirting baby oil all over her hot little body. She works the oil all over her perky breasts, juicy ass and even on her furry pink pussy. Jana is famous for her puffy and tight pussy which looks even more mouth-watering with the bikini string running through her wet lips.
Lela Star "Pretty in Pink G-string" photoset
04 Feb 10
We can never get enough Lela Star and in these photos she's as beautiful as ever wearing a pretty pink g-string which perfectly matches her tight pink pussy. Lela is hanging out on a nice sunny day and wastes little time freeing her big round boobies from her tight confining top. The bottoms quickly follow leaving only her sexy white high heel sandals.
Heather Vandeven "Pink Polka-dot Thong" HD strip video
01 Feb 10
Heather plays the perfect little tease in this hot high definition strip video. She loves talking to the camera and gets off knowing her fans are getting off with her. Heather is wearing her skimpy pink polka-dot thong bikini and is glistening in baby oil and water beading down her firm tits and flat stomach all the way down to her stuffed pink pussy.
Jana Cova "White Mesh Bikini & Toy" HD video
29 Jan 10
Not that everyone doesn't already know but as soon as you watch Jana's high def video you'll know she's one of the most beautiful models on the Net and looks better than ever in our bikinis. Jana is wearing a white mesh bikini by the pool and to add a little more tropical flair we had her play off of a wild tiger stripe chair which worked perfectly for her to spread her soaking wet pussy and to ride her big pink toy.
Heather Vandeven "Pink Polka-dot Thong" photoset
26 Jan 10
Damn Heather Vandeven has a smokin' hot body. No wonder she was crowned Pet of the Year 2007. Heather gets nice and wet by the pool and is wearing a sexy pink polka-dot thong bikini with a bottom almost too small to cover her big pussy lips. You'll quickly learn from these photos that Heather's tight body is only surpassed by her even tighter pussy when she slides in a wild looking dildo.
Madison Ivy "Orange Micro G-string" HD strip video
23 Jan 10
We could watch the insatiable Madison Ivy getting naked and playing with herself all day long. Madison outdid herself in this high definition video stripping a sexy orange g-string on a huge inflatable sea turtle. We moved the turtle out of the pool and onto the deck so it'd be easier for Madison to pleasure herself as rough as she likes it. Oh, and a little trivia for you - Madison loves the taste of her own ass.
Dylan Ryder "Purple Scrunch Bikini" HD video
20 Jan 10
Enjoy the view as the curvaceous Dylan Ryder gets naked by the pool in her eye popping purple scrunch bottom bikini. In this high def video Dylan is oiled up and getting some sun on those amazing tits. Not only was Dylan putting on a show for the camera but also for the lucky construction workers up the hill and the helicopters flying overhead. She's definitely an exhibitionist at heart cause she loved every minute of it.
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